Warning of His Coming Wrath

Jesus will be coming back soon…I heard that back in the 1980’s but I ran away from God. In the 90’s I was an addict. 2000’s I straightened up and became a trucker but buried my head when events started to happen. 2012-2017 I was a late college student but my addictions had changed to pornography. That is when I finally realized I couldn’t stop on my own and 2016/17 I met the Creator of our universe…the one I”d known of since I was 11 but now I repented (turned away from) my sinful behavior. I am still a sinner but the Holy Spirit lets me know immediately when I have. This excerpt is of Pastor Billy Crone, Get a Life Ministries and he tells you exactly my warning to you. Seek Jesus while you can because when we are gone (Raptured) you will be in a horrible time of humanity. Jeremiah warned Jerusalem of the Babylonians coming, my warning is similar but this time the devil himself is coming to rule…for a short time. If you have that small voice urging you to follow Jesus now, avoid the time to come. I love you all, Chris

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